Make sure you never have a bored bunny

Make sure you never have a bored bunny

Many people assume that rabbits are quite sedentary animals, spending most of their day eating and sleeping, however, this is not true. Rabbits are used to the wild, which is why it is important to give them the best rabbit toys to provide plenty of exercise and entertainment.

You will find a range of different rabbit toys on the market, all of which can keep your rabbit occupied for hours. There are chew toys that help with the maintenance of your rabbit’s teeth and climbing toys for the adventurer in them. You can even get puzzle-type rabbit toys to keep your bunnies mentally stimulated. But what are the best rabbit toys?

Rabbit toys are relatively inexpensive, but you’ll want to choose a toy that’s right for your pet. All rabbits are unique, but they need to be able to carry out their natural behavior, such as digging, jumping and chewing, so it’s always good to provide your rabbit with a variety of toys to let them live a fulfilling lifestyle. Always be sure to check there are no small parts your rabbit

Toys for rabbits provide:

Mental stimulation. Without challenging activities to occupy your rabbit when you’re not home, your rabbit, especially a solitary rabbit, will get bored. This could lead to depression and/or excessive destruction. The creative use of toys can extend your rabbit’s life by keeping him interested in his surroundings, by giving him the freedom to interact with those surroundings, and by allowing him to constantly learn and grow.

Physical exercise. Your rabbit needs safe activities to keep her body in shape as well as her mind. She needs things to climb on, crawl under, hop on and around, dig into, and chew on. Without outlets for these physical needs, your rabbit may become fat or depressed, or may create jumping, chewing, or crawling diversions with your furniture.

Bunny proofing for your home. As is clear from the above descriptions, toys are not just for your rabbit, they also keep your house safe. By providing your rabbit with a selection of toys chosen to meet her age, sex, reproductive status and temperament, you have fulfilled most of the requirements of bunny proofing your home.

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