How To Keep Your Rabbit Happy And Healthy

How To Keep Your Rabbit Happy And Healthy

Rabbits are very social animals that need constant attention and love. They are intelligent creatures that can be litter trained, just like a cat or dog. Rabbits have different personalities- some are more timid than others, while others are bolder.  Rabbits will even learn their owners’ names! This is why it’s essential to keep your rabbit happy and healthy so you can enjoy all the fun things they do together. In this blog post, we will cover some tips on how to do just that.

How to keep your rabbit happy and healthy?

Feed balanced diet

Food is the most crucial part of caring for your pet, no matter what species it may be. So make sure you’re providing them with proper nutrition and care. The basic parts of the rabbit diet are

The needs for a rabbit’s diet are different as they age. Alfalfa hay is recommended until your pet bunny reaches adulthood, at about seven months old. This type of food has high protein levels and will provide all the necessary calories to keep up the energy throughout their life span. Hay is a must for any rabbit. Change out the hay in their hutch and change it daily, as they use this to eliminate all day long. If you see moldy bits of grass or other debris on your pet’s favorite spot-stop change it immediately because eating those tiny pieces could make them sick.


When it comes down to their food, you might want to rethink what treats are given because most rabbit species don’t do very well on certain types of veggies or fruits that humans typically eat. Rabbits will go to great lengths for some fresh vegetables and fruits, and it is a treat they enjoy even more than human food.

Introducing new nutrients into the diet can be very beneficial since rabbits’ natural defense systems work well on these familiar compounds that may keep them healthy if eaten regularly. Similarly, cooked veggies also help keep teeth clean by preventing plaque accumulation over time. Some recommended and suitable vegetables are dark, golden rule, the leafy green is best. These veggies also help in grinding their teeth. Some other commercial products that can help in the grinding of teeth are

Neuter or spay your bunny

The key to rabbit health is neutering or spaying your pet. If you’re not a professional breeder, get them fixed, so they don’t run around breeding uncontrollably. As long as the vet who treats him has experience with rabbits, it will be a safe and straightforward procedure- just make sure there’s someone else present too if anything goes wrong.

Rabbits are social animals and will often congregate with their species. When adopting two siblings, it’s vital to keep this in mind, as bunnies can be paired together regardless of gender or age. Fixed rabbits live long and healthy, and there is less risk of different health problems in them.

Give them regular exercise

Exercise is crucial if you want a healthy and happy bunny. Keeping your pet rabbit active by letting him out every day will keep the little guy entertained for hours on end while you’re at work or taking care of other responsibilities. Rabbits are most active in the morning and evening, so their free-roaming time should be divided into two sessions. The average pet rabbit also needs about one hour each day spent grazing on pasturelands while exploring its habitat.

Rabbits are known for being multi-taskers, so it’s no surprise that you’ll need to be vigilant about their exercise in the morning. You can set up an enclosed pen where they will have plenty of space and toys while still allowing them some freedom. Once your rabbit tires himself out, just remove all obstacles from inside his enclosure before letting him rest.

Provide companions

Rabbits are social creatures that enjoy the company of their peers. When left home alone, these rabbits quickly become lonely and stressed out due to separation anxiety. Rabbits are social animals who need attention from their human companions. If you can’t commit to giving them that special love and care, then think twice before getting a rabbit as an addition to the family.

Rabbits should be kept in pairs or groups, and they love to stay like that. However, just make sure they’re bonded before introducing more animals into their home. Once this happens, it’ll be hard for you to choose one over the other because both will become inseparable and perfectly content together.

Maintenance of their habitat

Cleaning a hutch is the only way to keep your bunny healthy. Rabbits are territorial, and they’ll consider this as an attack on their home. This isn’t something that should make them unhappy as you’re providing for their needs by making sure there aren’t too many dirt particles or mystery objects from the outside building up inside.

Cleaning your rabbit’s hutch is an integral part of owning one. Give it a weekly deep clean to keep the enclosure safe for both you and your pet bunny friend. A dirty cage can cause stress, especially if their living space smells terrible or has dirt on top of everything.

Groom them regularly

Grooming is an essential part of any rabbit’s routine. Rabbits use grooming to determine their social rank, with submissive bunnies grooming dominant ones on demand and vice versa. Rabbits are very social animals, so it’s no surprise that your rabbit may want to be groomed by you. Most rabbits love the feeling of being brushed and petted by their humans. There is nothing wrong with letting them rule at home.

Vet checkup

Rabbits are fabulous animals to have in your life, but they come with their own set of challenges. They can be a little sneaky and prone to health concerns, but they also have an amazing ability to hide any pain or discomfort that you may not always notice right away. One way to care for your pet rabbit’s needs is by arranging annual healthcare checks with a vet. You’ll want the best possible facilities for this type of visit, as not all vets are familiar with their unique ailments and issues that come up in rabbits.


With these tips, you can enjoy your pet rabbit at home without the worry of them getting sick. If you want to learn more about caring for rabbits or if any of these points were unclear, please consult your vet.

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