Why Is Aspen Bedding Better Than Other Litter Types For Small Animals?

Why Is Aspen Bedding Better Than Other Litter Types For Small Animals?

Aspen is a hardwood that is a bit pliable and easily absorbs liquids and odors. This makes it a good choice for a small pet that would generally be in a small contained area or cage. Aspen bedding and litter is quite universal and can be used with different small animals like rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, degus, chinchillas as well as birds and reptiles. Its ability to control odors makes it a good choice for most animals and can help control smells that may occur from the excrement of different animals.

Aspen bedding and litter is also safe if you are planning on breeding your animals. It is one of the safest bedding materials for small animals to live on. In the following blog post, we will discuss what are benefits of Aspen bedding and litter for small animals. And why aspen bedding is better than other litter types.

What Is Aspen Bedding? Why It Is a Better Choice For Small Animals?

Aspen bedding is cut from hardwood trees typically, oak, Aspen, and poplar. These hardwood trees have a small amount of aromatic oil found in softwood products. Aspen bedding is an excellent choice of bedding due to the natural way it degrades. A great example is: in a home cage, the bedding can still be used but in a compost pile, it will quickly be destroyed. Aspen bedding is a much healthier alternative to corncob or wood shavings. All small animals are safe to use any type of hardwood bedding. It can be used in all cages and aquarium.

Why Should People Use Millamore Aspen Bedding?

There are many pros to using Millamore aspen bedding for animals:

  • Aspen bedding is a good bedding choice compared to pine or spruce bedding, as it has low pinene content. This can help keep your pet safe from respiratory issues related to these aromatic hydrocarbons. Aspen is better as it can eliminate the ammonia smell and is highly absorbent. It can also help remove excess water and serum in the litter box to keep it dry.
  • Aspen fibers are the newest, cleanest, and most sustainable choice for bedding. Aspen comes from natural aspen wood. The reason this is good for your environment is that it’s not a byproduct of the timber industry or the paper industry which require huge amounts of water to produce. It is 100% natural which is why Aspen fiber is better for you, the animals, and the planet.
  • Aspen beddings used by small animal owners have a high ammonia-binding capacity and absorb liquids very well. As a result, there is less ammonia odor. Aspen bedding also absorbs moisture very well. This makes the cage dryer and reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal infections. Aspen also absorbs odors so you can change the bedding less often.
  • Aspen bedding is one of the most durable, eco-friendly, and natural bedding available in the market. The beddings have a high liquid absorption level of 200% which means that it soaks up almost twice as much moisture as other beddings. For this reason, aspen bedding stays drier for a longer period and, consequently, it is more comfortable for your pet to sleep in.
  • Bedding made from Aspen wood is a great option if you are concerned about the quality of your small animal bedding. Aspen bedding is naturally resistant to microorganisms like bacteria, mold, viruses, and yeast and can be heat treated to remove any chemical preservatives that could be unhealthy. However, Aspen is a very absorbent wood, so it needs to be cleaned and replaced frequently to ensure that your small animals have an adequate surface to lie on.
  • Aspen bedding is not only good for animals with respiratory issues but also good for animals that like to be clean and tidy.

On the whole, if you’re looking for the right bedding for your small pet, you should try Aspen bedding. Aspen bedding is made from fine wood fibers and is dust free. Safe for small animals and with their respiratory systems in mind, Aspen bedding is a great choice for you and your small pet.

Comparison of Aspen Bedding With Other Litter Types

Paper LitterAspen Litter
Have to change paper litter very often to keep the cage cleanAspen bedding lasts for more than one week so there is less need to change it.
A wet paper might go badIt has an absorption level that is twice as compared as any other bedding.
A lot of paper litters are colored and have smells/perfumes that are not safeAspen bedding has very small aromatic oils and it is free of artificial coloring and scents.
Chewing paper litter might cause suffocation for small animalsAspen bedding is non-toxic and completely safe if your small animal eats some of that.


Paper Pellet LitterAspen Litter
Made from paper industry leftovers, has a lot of chemicals, not safe when chewed themAspen bedding is made from natural aspen wood and free from all chemicals and safe if chewed.
Pellets might get broken and leave dust behindIt is completely dust free and there are no chances of any respiratory infection.
You have to change pellet litter very often due to it being paper and paper might get moldAspen litter last log than any other in the market and it is naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, and yeast.


Pellet LitterAspen Litter
Usually have sharp edges and might hurt small animalsMillamore aspen chips are soft and rounded and won’t hurt your small animals
Pellets mostly are done from timber industry leftovers with no quality assurance and might have other materials (metals) inside


Aspen litter is made from aspen trees, completely natural, and of high quality without any additives.
If pellets break they get dustyIt is dust free however if used for a very long time might get dusty


Corn cob litterAspen Litter
If small animals eat it too much it might disturb their system


Millamore aspen bedding is non-toxic and safe, and won’t cause any problem if your small animal eats some of it.
If corn cob litter gets wet, you have to change it rather quickly because it might get moldMillamore aspen has 200% more absorption capacity and won’t get mold because of its natural ability to fight against them.



If you have a small pet, you may have already noticed that there are many different options out there when it comes to pet bedding. Many of these options are very similar to one another and are often just as good as each other, but there is one option that is always better than all others, Millamore aspen bedding for small animals. Aspen bedding for small animals is the best bedding for numerous reasons, so if you are considering changing your soft bedding for your small animal, we highly suggest that you consider Millamore aspen bedding.

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