First Time Owner Guide And Checklist Of Rabbits

First Time Owner Guide And Checklist Of Rabbits

Rabbits make great pets for people of all ages. These adorable creatures are cuddly, cute, and playful animals that can easily fit into the family dynamic with minimal care involved. Before bringing your new bunny home, you should know some things about these furry friends so that they have the best chance at living their happiest life possible. To ensure that your bunny is as happy as possible, you must provide them with an environment that will meet all of their needs. Here we will tell you the essential things you will need as a new rabbit owner, and don’t forget these items when preparing for your new rabbit.

Essential checklist of Rabbits

The first thing you should know about rabbits is that they have particular needs, so it’s essential to check on this list before adopting one home.

  • Bedding (Millamore bedding: Dust-free, chemical-free, and soft bedding)
  • Food ( Millamore complete feed: Provide all the essential nutrients to the age of 10weeks)
  • Hay ( Provide an unlimited supply of hay)
  • Toys ( Millamore Cubes: Provide great opportunity to play)
  • Treats ( Keep them happy and healthy)
  • Chews ( Millamore ball: Great for the sharpness of teeth)
  • Food and water bowls ( To provide an unlimited supply of food and water)

The health and happiness of your pet is very important, so it’s necessary to get all the things they need. A happy rabbit means a lot of love for you.

Handling of Rabbits

It is essential to socialize your bunny from a young age not to feel human contact distressing. The key to handling and training a rabbit is kindness. When you pick up your new pet, always move slowly so as not to startle them with sudden movement or loud noises; if they feel threatened in any way (such as being picked up close), try moving away from their face until things calm down again. If you want them to feel more relaxed, cover their eyes with the crook of your arm. Rabbits are curious and naturally friendly, so it’s important to watch them closely. If you develop a good relationship with your bunny, then he will be more likely to entertain the idea of being handled by someone who is not his owner.

Maintenance of cage

  • The first step to keeping your rabbit’s cage clean and fresh is doing a little bit of cleaning every day. Rabbits love living in their homes, so we should make sure they feel at home by keeping it clean.
  • It is essential to remove any uneaten food from the cage daily. Ideally, this should be done twice a day in the morning and then again before bedtime.
  • Washing out your bunny’s food and water bowls daily can help prevent digestive problems that could lead to Bunny tummy troubles.
  • Be sure to spot clean any messes outside the litter box, especially if it’s urine. Replace with fresh hay or bedding as needed.
  • Litter boxes should be scooped and refilled or changed out as needed for them to work properly.
  • It is vital to remove all accessories and toys from the cage every week. Rinse them off with water, then scrub using dish soap if necessary before returning everything inside your pet’s home.

Feeding Routines

  • Rabbits need a diet that includes plenty of hay to keep them healthy and happy. In addition, the rabbit’s cage needs to remain full of hay. You can feed adult rabbits oat, timothy hay, grass hay.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruit should be a regular part of your rabbit’s diet in moderation. Always feed them in small quantities as it can make their stomach delicate if they get too many changes all at once, so try not going over the allowance given or risking making them sick.
  • It’s essential to feed your pet a mix of chopped vegetables when they’re eating raw foods. This will give them the vitamins and minerals that their body needs for it to be healthy.
  • Fruits are a great way to get nutrients and vitamins your bunny needs, but it’s important not to overdo the amount. They contain high sugar content, so feeding them twice weekly will help keep their teeth clean while still keeping healthy levels in check.
  • Make sure that fresh water is available all the time.

Rabbit grooming

No doubt rabbits are like cats in their grooming habits, but they still require your help in grooming. They need your help by brushing them to keep their skin healthy. They also produce too much fur, which can make the rabbit uncomfortable or even painful if it’s long enough for him to get trapped when trying to move around freely; this excessive hair needs trimming every few weeks with scissors.

Rabbits are just as prone to hairballs, and their unique digestive system cannot help them vomit up fur like a cat. This leads them into gastrointestinal blockages, which may cause illness or even death. Rabbits come in different shapes and sizes, but it’s essential to keep their nails short, so they don’t scratch you when running around. Stray hairs can also cause an unpleasant odor if left unchecked. Rabbits don’t like and need a bath; you can clean their fur by using baby wipes.


In addition to litter box training your rabbit, you can also train them for many fun behaviors and tricks. Rabbits are intelligent creatures who respond well with clicker training methods that rely on rewards such as food or toys.


Many people think that rabbits are lazy, but the truth of the matter is they need more exercise than most other animals, for a small animal like rabbits with tiny furry feet and an even bigger appetite for food. Regularly going outside in your yard or taking long walks will help keep those muscles happy while giving you some time together as well.

Veterinary assistance

Owning a bunny requires that you register with local veterinarians. This way, their medical records can be updated and maintained in case of emergencies and gives peace of mind knowing everything about them is on the up-and-up.


If you’ve made the decision to add a furry friend to your family and want all the information, we hope this guide has been helpful. We know that rabbits can be complicated pets at times, but they are also very rewarding in many ways. Hopefully, our advice will help make bringing home a new rabbit an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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