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Doing good

Throughout 38 years of operation, Millamore has been focusing on the welfare of small animals by producing 100% natural, safe and healthy products. It is also important for us to support the community of small animals and adopt an environmentally sustainable approach in our production and activities.

You can find various projects Millamore has participated in below.

Giving back to the forest

Our goal has always been to provide a natural and healthy life for pets and their owners. In cooperation with our partner laboratories, we have confirmed that products made from aspen are the best option for pets.

Even though aspen is considered a low-quality material in the forest industry, we are convinced that we must support the development and sustainability of forests.

We have begun working with the Nature Fund to make a contribution to the European Climate Pact and to the call of planting three billion trees in Europe. We can proudly say that the Millamore team plants over 5000 trees a year.

Tallinn Zoo

Since 2017, Millamore has been supporting the rodents of the children’s zoo in Tallinn Zoo.

As part of Tallinn Zoo’s species support programme, we provide the rodents of the children’s zoo with Millamore products to improve their living environment and welfare.

The children’s zoo uses Millamore’s animal bedding for guinea pigs, mice, rats, rabbits, degus and Siberian chipmunks.

Meet some of the habitants of the children’s zoo:
Dwarf rabbit Simon and degu Silvester live together to keep each other company. They also know how to make the most out of it: the two like to cuddle up in their sleep.

For the first half of the year, chipmunk James is very friendly: in spring and summer, visitors can pick him up and play with him. As the autumn approaches, however, James is busy gathering food for the winter and suddenly turns into a little hellraiser, biting anyone whenever he has the chance.

The adult female Barbary striped grass mouse who arrived to the zoo with four younger mice was pregnant and now, there are many tiny striped mice pups scurrying around the terrarium.

If you wish to see dwarf rabbit Simon, degu Silvester, chipmunk James and other rodents in real life, you should definitely visit the children’s zoo in Tallinn Zoo.

You can find more information on Tallinn Zoo’s species support programme here.

Estonian Society For The Protection Of Animals

Millamore has been supporting the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals with its products since 2018.

Founded in 2000, The Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals is a non-profit organisation that aims to ensure and improve the welfare of animals in need of help and prevent animal abuse. This mission is carried out by helping animals directly, informing the public and educating people as well as by participating in legislative work and monitoring animal protection.

The Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals helps to find shelters and permanent homes for animals in need. It also supports shelters by donating necessary items for the animals.

Millamore’s animal bedding is used by various small animals in the shelter, depending on which animals are currently looking for a new home.

You can find more information on the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals and how to support them here.

Estonian Wildlife Centre

Millamore has been supporting the Estonian Wildlife Society with its products since 2018.
The Estonian Wildlife Society is a voluntary organisation run solely by donations that helps wild animals who are in distress due to human activity.

There are animals in need of help regardless of the season: some only need a little boost, while others need to spend longer periods in shelters.

In autumn and winter, Millamore’s animal bedding and nesting material is mainly used by hedgehogs who spend the cold period in shelters: some of them cosily curl up in warm nests, while those with poorer health and lower weight rustle around throughout the whole winter. Millamore’s animal bedding is also often used for swans, storks and grebes who have been left behind during migration.

In the spring and summer, shelters are full of animals and birds of all ages – adult animals, baby animals as well as chicks. During this period, Millamore’s animal bedding is often used to ensure that fox cubs, baby squirrels, hedgehogs and baby rabbits have dry cages. The nesting material is used to teach young hedgehogs how to build a nest before they are released into the wild.

You can find more information on the Estonian Wildlife Centre and how to support it here.

Eino Roosioks’ Hobby Farm

Millamore has been supporting Eino Roosioks’ Hobby Farm with its products since 2021.

Eino Roosioks opened his hobby farm, full of exotic birds and animals, 18 years ago. Throughout the years, Roosioks has adopted many exotic animals and birds whose owners could not take care of them. To save animals from being put down, he gives them a second chance at life in his farm.

Roosioks says that Millamore’s animal bedding is absolutely essential for the various animal and bird cages in his farm. It is used by most chicks, chickens, common cranes, white storks, peacocks, emus, greater rheas, black swans, mute swans, seagulls, Egyptian geese, red-breasted geese, goats, Ouessant sheep, foxes, genets, rats, guinea pigs, mice and steppe lemmings.

You can find more information on Eino Roosioks’ Hobby Farm here.