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Why Millamore

For more than 38 years Millamore has been committed to the welfare of small animals by providing premium and 100% natural bedding, litter, toys and accessories as well as complete feed for rabbits and guinea pigs. Millamore products are sold in 20+ countries while having furry friends and fans all over the world.

We continue to develop exciting and safe products that work, improve animal welfare and enrich the lives of pets and their families.

MILLAMORE – Everything you need for your small pet!

Millamore Quality

Millamore bedding is dried at 100-120 °C for two hours to create a moisture content below 10%. Low moisture level, the bedding particle size and structure guarantee 200% liquid absorption capacity of Millamore bedding. The high temperature also eliminates microorganisms (bacteria, mold and yeast) from the bedding. In a comparison of different wooden beddings, Millamore outperformed with an ammonia-binding capacity 3 times higher than other wooden bedding types, which keeps the air inside the cage clean and safe and allows for longer bedding change intervals.

Additionally, aspen is safer than pine or spruce due to low pinene content and do not contain chemical additives nor leftovers from the timber or paper industries.

Millamore bedding contains no dust and has smooth edges. Dust may affect the respiratory system of animals and human, and sharp edges are the main source of dust and may also harm sensitive skin. The dust content in our bedding is close to zero (0,1-0,7%). Other wood bedding, mostly shavings that are widely used for pets,may contain up to 15% dust.

Production is waste-free and uses bioenergy, and all products are biodegradable – you can either compost them or use them as environmentally friendly biofuel.

The safety and purity of products is regularly screened for over 200 elements and compounds. The content of bacteria, toxic compounds, pesticides, etc. in the Millamore products is regularly tested and is compliant with the requirements for animal feed.
Our production process follows ecological and sustainable management standards. We follow responsible FSC forest management practices that guarantee the origin of the raw material. The raw material is supplied from nearby areas to minimize CO² emission.

Bedding and Nesting Material

100% natural, biodegradable and laboratory tested bedding and nesting material from Aspen.

As bedding is an essential part of your pet’s home environment, as well as their overall health, it is important to choose safe, non-toxic, dust free and 100% natural options. We want pet parents to have better options so they can give their furry friends the same level of quality they are used to. Our focus has been to offer you and your pet a natural and healthy life with Millamore premium quality bedding and nesting material products.

Why choose Millamore bedding and nesting material?

  • Dust free
  • 100% natural from Aspen
  • High absorbency
  • High odor control
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • No chemical additives and leftovers
  • Laboratory tested
  • Recommended by vets and animal welfare professionals
  • FSC certification guaranteeing responsible and sustainable forest management

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Toys and Accessories

The most important thing when choosing any pet toy is that it is safe! Millamore natural toys provide a variety of nesting, shelter and chewing options. Toys respond to the animals’ natural instinctive needs by encouraging hiding, climbing and chewing and contribute to the maintenance of general well-being. Millamore toys are made from fresh aspen wood that do not contain chemical additives or leftovers from timber or paper industries. Vets and animal welfare specialists recommend aspen for chewing due to its lower resin content than in conifers. Neither glue nor metal parts have been used to produce these toys.
Millamore toys and accessories are washable and reusable up to 14 times.

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Complete Feed

Newest member of our product family is complete feed for rabbits and guinea pigs.
Ensuring you feed your small friends the right kind of food is one of the most important responsibilities as a pet owner, so we were determined to make your life a little easier by making sure that every ingredient in Millamore feed is exactly what your pet really needs. Millamore natural pelleted feed provides a balanced diet to help keep your pet fit and healthy every day. Complete feed contains high quality and tasty ingredients and vitamins to keep pets’ immune system strong.

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