How To Keep Your Hamster Happy And Healthy?

How To Keep Your Hamster Happy And Healthy?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a hamster? Is it something like “adorable” or “cute?” well, this might be true if you think about it as a pet. However, if you are looking at it from the perspective of taking care of one, then there’s much more to think about than just how cute they are.

Hammies are cute, cuddly, and fun to have as pets. However, they can be very tricky creatures. You’ve got to keep their cage clean, or else they’ll get sick. If you don’t have the time or money for a hamster, I recommend not getting one. Keep reading to find out what I mean. This blog post will give tips on keeping your hamster happy and healthy.

How to keep your hamster happy and healthy?

Give balanced diet

To keep your hamster happy, you must feed them a good diet. This won’t be easy at first, but once you figure out what they need and create the plan for feeding time, their health will improve significantly. A healthy pet is equal to an active one with plenty of energy.

Commercial foods can be an excellent way for hamsters to stay alive but most likely won’t make them thrive. The first step in ensuring that he has access to nutritious foods should always start with optimizing their diet and seeing what kind of nutritional needs that particular type may have so it will feel better for them when on an appropriate diet. You can help make your hamster happier and healthier by providing it with fresh food.

Hamsters are not very good at regulating their own food consumption, so it’s essential to be mindful of the amount you feed them. They will often store extra treats or other things in underground burrows, which means that if they get too full on one meal, there is no need for concern because they must also have some food in the burrow.


A hamster’s favorite food is equally crucial for their well-being and happiness. Giving your pet a treat will make them happy, but some treats should be avoided because they could cause digestive issues or even result in death if given too often. You can offer some healthy options to hamsters like fresh vegetables, apple slices, and romaine lettuce. At the same time, other foods such as a few nuts also provide enough nutrients to the animal on its own without supplementation from you.

It’s essential to provide your hamster with food in moderation, but don’t let them live only on treats. They need their usual diet as well.

Give deep bedding

Hamsters are natural burrowers, and as such, will often sleep in them. They feel safest when it’s inside a cozy little hole that they can call their own, which is why providing hamsters with enough space to make these dens should be priority number one. Make sure the bedding on top of its wheel stays at least 2 inches deep, so hamsters have plenty of material from which to dig out any leftover dinners or other goodies hiding below ground level. The best option for bedding are:

Hamsters in the wild live in complex and expansive underground tunnel systems, so if you really want to keep your hamster happy, their habitat must be as close resemble this mental representation. You can provide them commercially made Millamore tunnel system that can keep them busy for the whole day.

Clean their cage

Hamsters love to stay clean, but they don’t have the luxury of a flush system where everything would clean on its own. Instead, they need us to clean their cage from time to time but not too often. Daily cage clean-ups are stressful for hamsters, so don’t do it too often. We recommend removing visible debris from the enclosure daily in order to reduce stress on your pet. If you have trained your hamster to use a litter box, you go for a few more days for complete cleaning, but you have to clean the visible debris every day.

Provide them an exercise wheel

Hamsters are really good at running, and they can keep going all night if need be. So when you give your hamster a wheel to run on, it will provide exercise for the little animal as well as release any extra energy from boredom! There are tons of options available in terms of variety so make sure that whichever one chooses is just right because we know how fussy those guys get about their wheels.

Hiding place in the cage

Setting up a hamster’s cage is exciting, but it won’t be complete without giving them some places to hide. When prey animals are hiding from the danger, they find relief in being able to quickly duck into what will become their safe haven until the coast is clear again. A hiding place nearby can keep your hamster happy. Millamore mouse house provides the perfect hideouts.

Don’t buy them a companion

Hamsters are solitary animals, not needing friends to be happy. They live in the wild with other hamsters but don’t really need them or want that kind of companionship at all times like many people believe. Some species can tolerate being around others, though, so it might work out well if you have more than one for the company when lonely. Just make sure they aren’t fighting over territory first before inviting any new additions into your home.


Hamsters are social creatures, and grooming their coat can be another way to make them happy. An old toothbrush can do the trick, but if possible, use a special grooming brush. Avoid getting mats in other areas like tails since long-haired varieties may require more regular care than others do.

Trimming your hamster’s nails will make them a lot happier and less prone to scratching you or themselves. It also reduces their risk of getting caught on things, which is another good reason for trimming those sharp claws.

Consult a vet

Vet visits are essential for the long-term health of your hamster. Consider consulting with a vet from time to time, especially if you notice any unusual behavior in him. Adequate care will keep them happy and healthy.


If you want to keep your hamster happy and healthy, consider adopting some or all of these practices. You will be rewarded with a more contented animal that is easy to take care of.

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