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Timothy hay

Nourish your rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, and chinchillas with Millamore Timothy Hay, a natural source of essential fiber. Our premium Timothy Hay supports digestion, dental health and mental enrichment, crucial for your small pet’s overall vitality. Rich in crude fiber, nutritious and delicious, it's the perfect addition to a balanced diet.
Package sizes
  • 1 kg



Millamore Timothy Hay offers a blend of nutrition and taste that’s essential for the daily diet of rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, and chinchillas. Sourced from the finest Timothy grass fields in Europe, our hay is a natural, high-fiber choice that supports digestive health, dental care, and mental well-being, playing a crucial role in maintaining your small pet’s overall vitality.

Why Millamore Timothy Hay is the perfect choice?

  • High in crude fiber: With a crude fiber content of 32%, it aids in optimal digestive health.
  • Dental health support: The natural abrasive texture helps maintain dental hygiene by wearing down overgrown teeth.
  • Mental enrichment: Chewing hay keeps your pets mentally stimulated and engaged.
  • Pure and nutritious: Free from harmful additives and pesticides, ensuring a safe diet.
  • Fresh and tasty: Our hay is not only nutritious but also delicious, making it a favorite among pets.

Product details

  • Origin: Sourced from premium Timothy grass fields in Europe.

Feeding recommendations

  • Always available: Ensure constant access to Millamore Timothy Hay for your pets.
  • Balanced diet: Complement with fresh vegetables, quality feed, and water.
  • Customized feeding: Adjust portions based on your vet’s advice for each species’ dietary needs.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place to maintain quality.

Committed to your pet’s health

Millamore is dedicated to the well-being of your pets and the planet. Our Timothy Hay is produced with sustainable practices, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.


Timothy hay

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