About us

MILLAMORE – new premium-quality bedding provides the ultimate cosiness and hygiene for small pets: rodents, reptiles or birds.

MILLAMORE bedding is specially made for use with animals. The products are made from fresh aspen wood that contains neither chemical additives nor leftovers from the timber or paper industries. Vets and animal welfare specialists recommend aspen for bedding due to its lower resin content than in conifers. 

MILLAMORE bedding has excellent absorbency and odour control. The products are safe and tested in a laboratory – wood that has being treated at a high temperature (over 100°C) contains no pathogenic bacteria or other microorganisms. Moreover, the bedding is dust-free to protect the respiratory system and avoid allergies among pets and people.

It is easy to care and clean with MILLAMORE - the bedding will not stick to the paws or fur of animals and will not spread around when animal moves about in the cage. The packages are light and easy to carry.

The raw material of MILLAMORE bedding has FSC® certification, guaranteeing  responsible and sustainable forest management. Production is waste-free and uses bioenergy, and all products are biodegradable - you can either compost them or use them as environmentally friendly biofuel.