MILLAMORE Supersoft Bedding

Bedding for small rodents such as hamsters, mice and gerbils, as well as reptiles, and animals which are hairless or have sensitive skin.

Package sizes:

  • 2 kg / 10 L
  • 10 kg / 50 L

MILLAMORE bedding is specially made for use with animals. It has excellent absorbency and odour control. The products are safe and tested in a laboratory – the wood contains no pathogenic bacteria or toxic chmical compounds. The products are dust-free and made from aspen wood with very low resin content. The products contain neither chemical additives nor leftovers from the timber or paper industries.

It is easy to care and clean with MILLAMORE - the bedding will not stick to the paws or fur of animals or to the bottom of the cage.

We recommend cleaning the cage and replacing the bedding once a week. Store in a dry place. Waste is biodegradable and compostable.


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